"Congratulations, this has been an awesomely successful campaign"

This has been a truly worthwhile project for AMI to be involved in and it has drawn much interest from customers in the branch and non-customers who have called in specifically for a copy. We also have a (small) team of Mo Bros this Movember and there is a very strong link between the services and advice in The Blokes Book and the organisations that benefit from the support provided by Movember.
Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you on this project, I feel you’ve provided a well-needed resource for our community.
Darren Kendall ANZIIF (SNR ASSOC) Store Manager

We first discovered the Blokes Book about a year ago and found it to be a well put together and interesting idea.  We had a small supply of free giveaways that were quickly taken up by our customers visiting our workshop.  There was so much interest that we decided to sponsor a print run ourselves. 
It is sometimes surprising who picks one up to take home and the feedback we get is always only ever good, in particular from customers who work in the health sector that find it hard to believe they do not already have this resource available.  
It's such a great idea to have all this information together in one place and in such a format that any bloke is comfortable taking one and hopefully even passing it on.  
Kim and Justin

Recently I came across a copy of ‘The Blokes Book’. What a great resource you and your team have produced. It has all the information about community resources and supports available in Hawkes Bayspecifically for men in one easy to read booklet. Thank you for letting me know where I can source some more copies from.

In my role working in the Hawkes Bay community to support people with Parkinsons to maximise their strengths and abilities, I will find this booklet extremely useful to share. In the past I have had to mail out many individual pamphlets and contact details in order to disseminate a variety of information. Although many organisations provide resources and contact details on line, this medium does not always suit people older people or those who do not use a computer and prefer to read a hard copy document.
Thanks for making my job easier and I hope that the booklet can be updated as new resources emerge in the area.
Yours sincerely
Jocelyn Pack
Registered Nurse
Community Educator

The "Bloke Book" has been greatly received by the staff at Totara Health. We have been giving them out to patients. I have received good feed back about the subject matter.

Its hugely important for our Tane to know there are places for them to be supported, and to have that information at their finger tips, is fantastic.... Could save a life!!!
We definitely  would love more of the books at Totara Health to hand out. We would also love to feature in the next round. I wont return to AMI, I will leave their supply with them.

There certainly has been a lot of work in putting the book together.


Sally Calder

Health Navigator

A couple of weeks ago, “The Blokes Book” came across my desk and we spotted your photo and I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU.

The resource is amazing. Men’s mental health and where to access support has been such a question mark for so long, so it is wonderful to have some answers in one spot. Not only is it great for our staff to have a reference point, but it’s also great to be able to hand a patient a resource for them to hold and take with them to refer to later. Hope is important.

Kind regards Angelina Gorst

The blokes book has been a huge hit for the business, we were able to distribute a lot of books last Wednesday when we our vision and strategy for the business.Worker was able to get up and speak on mental health and referred to the resources in the book as well as the help out there in our community for men.This same worker wants to go present and take some of the blokes books to contractors he's had conversations with struggling with relationship issues.We have been running GoodYarn programme in our business too and with these workshops we provide our staff with the book to take away for themselves or people they might know that will benefit from this book.

Regards,Tyson Ataera, UNISON