Add your service or business to the Blokes Book

10,000 copies of The Blokes Book alongside website listing and promotion to be launched mid August

Community Organisations
Information for the Blokes Book is collated from the Family Services and Our Health Directory. If your organisation is not listed in this directory and you would like to be included as a line listing complete the form below.

The opportunity to promote your service is also available either as a supporters listing with your logo ( $100)  or as a full page(A5) *advertorial ( $450)
If you would like to have this provided for you, please indicate below and we will be in touch for more information. Rates are shown below.

If you would like to be a  Blokes Book Business supporter we are offering full page ( A5) * advertorials to selected local  businesses $450.
Copies of the Blokes Book are included for your own distribution as well. Please complete the form below , email any art work or logo and we will be in touch. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have allocated free copies for rural communities and selected workplaces. Please contact us or head here to order your copies.

Advertorial - We create the content, photograph and ad layout based on your information and our discussion with you about your service. Copies of the Blokes Book are provided for your distribution as well as promotional material.

Rates - Supporters listing with your logo( back cover) $100  please email any art work or logo
Full page Advertorial photo and editorial about your service or offer - $450

Listing / Advertising Form

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Message Sent, thanks we will be in touch !

* Please email any art work or logo for your listing 

An invoice will be sent prior to publication