Check out the Blokes Book , a first for Mens Wellbeing in Hawke's Bay

With 50 full colour pages and a first run circulation across Hawke’s Bay of 10,000 copies this magazine style booklet is full of information for Men of all ages and their families.

Designed in a way to start a conversation, the book contains a directory of both local and national support as well as information from wellness to recreation for men of all ages.

As a first for Hawke’s Bay, this dynamic website will continue the work of the Blokes Book, with easy to access updated information.

It is known that men’s partners and families also feel the economic and social impacts of men’s
ill health.

We believe the Blokes Book for Hawke’s Bay is a positive step in supporting our families and communities through Mens well being.

We hope you will want to join us.

If you are a business or organisation that would like copies please get in touch. Individual copies can be picked up from any AMI Insurance Office in Hastings or Napier, or Citizens Advice( CAB ) Napier and Hastings

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