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Mens Health Hawkes Bay

We believe that local community needs to continue to support each other. We have awesome community services and networks here in Hawke's Bay but sometimes who does what, where and how can be hard to access easily. 
It is known that men’s partners and families also feel the economic and social impacts of men’s ill health. The Blokes Book for Hawke’s Bay is a positive step in supporting our families and communities through Mens well being and our vision for happy , healthy Hawke's Bay men.

Introducing the Blokes Book.  Late 2019 10,000 copies of the Blokes Book were distributed into Hawke's Bay and Central Hawke's Bay through social spaces, community places and local services. Read our press here

This first print run was totally exhausted with no more copies available within 2 months and with calls for more, Volume 2 is now underway.Supporting the Blokes Book are some new initiatives, see below for more details and how you can be involved as a workplace or community service. 

If you are a business or organisation that would like to advertise or order copies please get in touch.
The Blokes Book is managed by local charitable trust DADS HQ

"Promoting a message of care "

The second edition of the Blokes Book is about to kick off ! With 95% of funding secured from our generous supporters we are now collating information and opening up this valuable resource for local businesses to come on board with advertorials to promote their message of care.
We have been working on V2 to include more information than previously around Wellness and also focussing on self care, workplace wellness, relationships and  parenting.
As well messaging around COVID health will be included, again a directory of local services, and a focus on rural communities, with all the information added to and promoted extensively on this website. 

So, If you are a community organisation, business or workplace, read below on how you can be a supporter of The Blokes Book or head here to provide your details or listing


  • July - collation of material, advertising secured, final design underway
  • August - printing 10,000 commences, distribution confirmed
  • September - launch and circulation into community
  • Community Organisations

Information for the Blokes Book is collated from the Family Services and Our Health Directory. If your organisation is not listed in this directory and you would like to be included as a line listing complete the form below. The opportunity to promote your service is also available  as a full page(A5) *advertorial. If you would like to have this provided for you, please indicate below and we will be in touch for more information. Rates are shown below.

  • Businesses

If you would like to be a  Blokes Book Business supporter we are offering listing and  full page ( A5) * advertorials to selected local  businesses. Copies of the Blokes Book are included for your own distribution as well. Head here to provide your details

  • Workplaces

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have allocated free copies for rural communities and selected workplaces. Please contact us or head here to order your copies.

  • Advertorial - We create the content including photography  and design based on your information and our discussion with you about your service. Copies of the Blokes Book are provided for your distribution as well as promotional material.
  • Rates - Supporters listing with your logo( back cover) $100
    Full page Advertorial photo and editorial about your service or offer - $450 

The Blokes Book is managed by DADS HQ Charitable Trust CC55854

Thanks to our Supporters


The Blokes Book is managed by DADS HQ Charitable Trust CC55854
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Pursuing our vision of Happy Healthy Hawke's Bay Men.